Monday, April 17, 2017

One Stubborn Dresser...

I am not going to sugar coat the description of this dresser makeover.  When I picked this piece up, I figured it just needed a good cleaning, a little wood filler and paint!  My original plan was Paris Grey on the body and Old White drawer fronts.  Oh man, let me tell you...  Those drawers did not want to be white!  I have had bleed through issues before, and I assure you that it doesn't matter what kind of paint you are using, bleed through stains sometimes happen.  Typically, a quick coat of matte spray Shellac will seal that that stain and you're good to go!  Rarely do I even need 2 coats of Shellac.  
I'm not sure how many coats I used on these drawer fronts before I gave up...4 or 5?  

Finally, I decided to try going over the Old White with a darker color.  One coat of Paloma, distressed to show the Old White coming through underneath around the edges of the drawers. That was the ticket!  I finished it off with a clear wax and a fairly generous application of dark wax.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again...  Don't give up on those troublesome pieces!  Sometimes they have a mind of their own.  Sometimes they don't accept the fate you have in mind for them.  Sometimes they turn out better than you had imagined!  I am loving this color combo and the layered, distressed paint finish on the drawer fronts!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you caught a glimpse of this beautiful bridal set that I have staged here with the dresser.  It was a recent estate sale find.  I shared that during the sale I overheard women saying, "she was the sweetest lady!"  I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet this sweet little lady who wore this beautiful dress on her special day.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Don't Think, Just Paint....and Bake!

What a whirlwind of a week we had!  Friday was the first day of a three-day anniversary event at Camas Antiques, which meant my booth needed to be fully stocked!  It's a good thing I had found a couple pieces of furniture to paint because I sold a large table on Thursday!  What timing!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've already seen these pics.  Bare with me, I have more to share!

This was another one of those pieces that I almost passed on.  It was almost vintage but not quite! It was chunky and funky and not my style in the least!  But...I knew I had some appliques in my stash that would make all the difference, so I gave it ago.  The main color is a mix of Paris Grey and Pure White.  The details are painted in Pure White, Scandinavian Pink and Versailles.  Lots of dark wax pulls the look together...oh and a little Gold Gilding Wax too, of course!

Monday night I picked up a vintage dresser from a gal who said it had belonged to her grandmother.  The drawers worked great, the hardware was all there, still it had obviously had a hard life!  Whoa!  I'm not sure how a dresser gets as beat up as this one was!  I gave it a good cleaning and filled in a few holes, but much of the nicks and dents are still there.  Rather than polish her and make her pristine, I decided to celebrate the fact that this dresser had experienced life!

This was one of those projects that I jumped into without a real plan.  Paris Grey, Pure White and Honfleur, mixed, blended and applied in a haphazardly fashion...I had fun and felt like an artist working on this piece!  As Annie Sloan says, "Don't think, just paint!"  I never would have imagined these three colors would have worked as well as they did together.

My booth pre-Anniversary Sale!  I imagine it looks quite a bit different now!  Hoping I have a chance to skip down to the store and straighten things up sometime tomorrow.

On Friday I had to switch gears, put down my paint brush and pick up a spatula.  This cute little "girl in pink" turned 5 yesterday and she had big birthday cake goals!  Please don't expect any birthday cake tutorials on my blog.  This bunny cake might look cute, but...

Structurally, it had some major issues!  As it turns out, baking cakes requires a little more thought and careful planning than painting does!  
Nevertheless, cake fails make real birthday memories!  We got some fun photos and the cake itself was delish!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Image Transfer Obsessed!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I've been more than a little obsessed with image transfer projects this winter!  Part of the fun is just searching for the beautiful graphics!  I could spend hours on Etsy perusing the brilliant designs and downloads. 

I just finished up these clipboards last week!  A couple have sold, while the others are now hanging in my booth at Camas Antiques.

I love how they turned out and can't wait to do a few more!

This Patisserie sign almost didn't make it to the store.  It looked so pretty in my kitchen!

I am always on the hunt for interesting shaped trays to transfer onto.  This one took on a major transformation!  It sold before I had a chance to set it down at the store!

I can't wait to use this beautiful Valentine graphic again!

Here's another heavy wood tray.  This one was calling for a slightly more masculine look.

Trunks and other wooden boxes are also great pieces to paint and embellish with image transfers!  This was one of my earlier transfer projects.

If you're curious about the method I use for image transfers, here's a video tutorial that I put together last summer.  I think it's a great introduction to the process, plus I've shared a few tips that I have learned through trial and error.  

I have experimented with a few other transfer mediums and methods, but Artisan Enhancements Transfer Gel is absolutely my go-to for these projects!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Petite Cabinet Makeover Video Tutorial

Happy New Year!  I have really missed blogging and am going to make it a point to get back into it this year!  

My poor blog seems to have taken a backseat to all of the other social media platforms that I am active on and I didn't mean for that to happen!  I have many projects that were shared on Facebook and Instagram but for one reason or another never made it onto my blog.  I apologize if you come across some repetition here as I get caught up!  I promise to throw some new projects and tutorials in the mix to keep things fresh!

Here is a video tutorial I put together not long ago featuring a pretty paint finish created with some fun products from Artisan Enhancements!

This video is a little long but if you're looking for guidance in creating this paint finish, I think you'll find all of the details you need here!

Stay tuned!  More to come!

Best Wishes and Blessings, 


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Peggy Del Rosario's Lovely Painted Home

For some time now, friends from my antique business world have been telling me how much I would love faux finish artist, Peggy del Rosario's home.  Knowing my affinity for old world paint finishes and vintage and antique decor, they encouraged me to visit if I ever I had the opportunity.

I had that opportunity this week!  The experience was one that I will not soon forget!

My dear friend Phyllis, formerly of the Portland shop The Purple Pear, invited a few woman whom she had met through her store over the years to enjoy refreshments in her own lovely home and then take a tour of Peggy's home.

This group of women, Peggy and Phyllis included connected through their love for decorating and creating beautiful surroundings.  We were almost giddy with excitement over the inspiration and magic that came with touring Peggy's home and chatting about the common thread that had brought us together.

Peggy's home was warm, inviting and so carefully curated.  Everything about it spoke true to who she is and perfectly reflected her impeccable style.  What made the tour extra special was the details that Peggy shared with us as we meandered from room to room.  The classic art pieces that inspired the colors and finishes she chose, the stories behind pieces she had purchased new and then painted to look centuries old...all of this made each room all the more magical.

Anyone who has ever walked into Peggy's home will surely never forget the canvas painting on her sitting room ceiling!  Peggy shared with us that her great uncle, a prolific faux painter himself had painted this round canvas and it was one of Peggy's most beloved treasures.  She said she had it hung on the ceiling because it was too large for any of her walls.  
The result is both genius and breathtaking!

One of Peggy's more recent painted pieces resides in her dining room.
The colors and details she applied here are exquisite.

It has been said that Peggy has touched each and every corner of her home with her paint brush.  I believe that statement to be true!  Her attention to detail is absolutely amazing and so inspiring.

This attic space bedroom took everyone's breath away!  We all agreed that it were ours, we would never want to leave this decadent room!

Just beyond the sumptuous bed is the most beautiful claw foot bathtub!

Peggy shared that when this bathtub first came into her possession, it was black with cartoon-like fish painted on the sides!  I wish we had a before photo to see the transformation which I am certain would be astonishing!  The finish that Peggy created on this tub is beyond stunning.  

Another example of Peggy's eye for detail and unique approach to decor...

We'll end this photo tour with Peggy's charming outdoor space.  This out building was a labor of love, built by Peggy's wonderful friends using reclaimed wood and other unique architectural pieces.  What an enchanting space for a garden party!

I feel so blessed to have met Peggy and this group of lovely, like-minded women and to have shared such a wonderful afternoon with them all.  I came home that evening feeling so inspired and motivated to go beyond the furniture with my creative paint finishes and to spend more time adding personal touches to our home.  

I was also reminded of the importance to slow down, appreciate and enjoy even the smallest details that make life special.

Best Wishes and Blessings,

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Easy DIY Decorative Hangers

I hesitate to call this a DIY as it is really more of a crafty "idea" than a project!  

I love pretty little vintage baby dresses and am always looking for hangers that are equally as lovely to display them on, both at the shop and in my little girl's room!

Surprisingly, really pretty hangers are not as easy to find as you might think!  So, I have been buying plain wooden hangers and painting them with Chalk Paint® for a few years now.  Sometimes I just paint and wax them, while other times they also get a stenciled or stamped embellishment.  

I recently thought to add an embroidered embellishment by way of vintage doily.  
It worked beautifully and was so simple!  Best of all, I found another use for those little round crocheted doilies are always so plentiful!  

I chose a few pretty little round doilies from my stash and simply poked the metal end of the hanger through the centers of each of one.  A dab of hot glue would hold the doily in place, but in most cases the hole in the center of the doily was so small that glue wasn't necessary.  The doilies stayed in place on their own.

With the addition of a cute tag, these hangers are ready for the shop!

Pleased with the end result of this project/idea and how simple it was to put together, I thought I would do a quick share!

Thank you so much for your sweet visit today!

Best Wishes and Blessings,

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wash Stand Telephone Cabinet...

There are some months when I am on the hunt for furniture pieces to paint for my booth, scouring CraigsList, searching the thrift stores and hitting up estate sales.  
But now and then I get a call or an email...

I have wonderful friends, friends who think of me when they have furniture to sell.  A couple of weeks ago I had one of those calls from one of those wonderful friends.  This friend was in fact the mother of my best friend and the furniture piece was this sweet antique wash stand with a little cupboard that had held their telephone in the upstairs hallway for as long as any of us could remember.

As loved and cherished as this piece had been in their home, another cabinet with even more history and sentimental attachment was on it's way to the house and this one had to go in order to make room.  

Just look at that hardware!  When I come across a piece with hardware this beautiful and complete, I typically choose to keep the paint finish simple and let the hardware take center stage.  A simple cleaning was all that this hardware needed.  I love the patina.

The cupboard door needed a bit of structural work and beyond that it looked to me like an empty frame begging for art.  I had toyed with the idea of stenciling on it, then went through my ephemera stash and found a piece of French sheet music that I had been holding onto for a few years.  It was the perfect fit for the door.  It was meant to be.

Annie Sloan's Old White and Clear Wax was all this piece needed as far as paint finish goes...simple, clean, elegant and lovely.
A big thank you to the Mattson family for thinking of me when a piece of furniture needed to go.  

This little cabinet was a pleasure to paint and is now available in my booth at Camas Antiques!

Thank you for your kind visit to my blog!

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